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Renting Fine Art

Introducing Fine Art Rentals

Introducing Art Rentals

Anderson Rentals is a pioneer in the equipment rental industry. Back in the 50s Raymond "Andy" Anderson along with some other Kansas City businessmen formed what would later become the American Rental Association, which today is one of the largest trade organizations in the world. Back then the goal was bringing professional grade quality equipment to homeowners and other markets, who had no choice but to buy. Today Anderson Rentals is pleased to introduce the availability of fine art in it's rental products that also were hereto only available in museums and high-end art galleries for purchase.

Renting Art

People rent art for many reasons. They may need art to stage for a special event or to attract buyers in a home sale. They may simply like the variety of renting instead of owning, or how much further their budget goes with rental instead of sales. Or they many find renting-to-own as their way to collect art. For this reason then we offer both short-term and long term rates, as well as rent-to-own programs.

Rental Programs: There is such a connection formed between an art collector and their art that we want to make our work available to all types of collectors.
  • For the collector looking for investment art, the RTO-Rent to Own Program, is a great way to collect your favorite artists. RTO is available on originals and commissioned artworks as well as prints. Certainly, there is nothing like owning a original and RTO makes that affordable. But if originals are outside your budget than Giclee prints are a great way to collect your favorite artist; now you can afford actual reproductions; replace the coffee table art book with museum quality reproductions.
  • Long-term rotation rentals will appeal to the decorator, people with limited space, and anyone that enjoys variety. Go ahead and celebrate the seasons and explore your taste with rotating art. Just getting started collecting, setting up a new space, or just not sure if you 'love' it?, than enjoy the no penalty return on LT rentals; keep it for as short as 3 months and return it. Or fall in love with it and want to keep it forever?, no problems. 50% of all rental payments qualify towards purchase. Conversion to RTO programs is also available at any time.
  • Short-term: need some art for a special occasion? Want to take it home and live with it for a few days before you purchase or rent? You can update your short-term rental to LT or RTO programs at any time.

Why Rent Art

The most common reason for renting, among all types of art renters, is to have pieces rotating in and out of their space that enables them to spark up conversations with guests either on a continuous basis or just for special occasions at a lower cost. Keep your waiting room, home, or business engaging with your personally selected fine art collection.
Why Individuals Rent Art:

  • People choosing art for their homes are often intimidated by the thought of making a major investment in art. Renting allows the customer to “try” before they buy. Want to check if your art matches your couch cushions? Rent it for a week and see. The vast majority of renters do end up purchasing but renting allows buyers to spread this cost out, afford more art, and allow them to fine tune their collection.
  • Renting artwork allows home owners to have beautiful art in their home at any time (maybe they are staging their home for sale, or trying to impress visitors for a party, need ‘props’ for wedding pictures or family portraits, etc), and when they want a new look they can simply rent a different piece.
  • Apartment renters and student housing residents like rental because their space may change frequently.
  • As your taste change so can your art, or maybe you have limited space. Keep it at least 3 months at low LT rates and you can return it or swap it for new art. Just perfect for a new look each season of the year.
  • Just got to have the original or commissioned piece but need to make payments, rent-to-own is for you.

Why Companies Rent Art:
  • Many businesses are choosing art rentals instead of purchasing because it allows them to keep their decor fresh without having to invest a lot of money into new art.
  • Changing the artwork regularly enables employers to set the tone of the room(s) depending on how they want to be seen by their clients or create an atmosphere for their employees.

Find out for yourself how practical and easy renting art is at MEA Fine Art.

Rental Terms

Weekly short term rates are available on giclee reproductions and art prints. The short-term rates are perfect for the special occasion, or just to take it home and see if it matches the couch. Selling your house? Fine art can make you listing inspiring but it also makes you memorable. Fine art is extremely memorable, people looking at open houses will get confused on which house had what features, but they’re sure to recall the one that had the great art. Are you having a wedding or family portrait taken? Dress up the occasion and your guests’ enjoyment with great art for the occasion. Fine Art is an amazing conversation starter. Even film makers commonly need art on a short-term rental basis. Because we are real fine artists and not just an internet brand, we can advise you on what art is suitable for you needs, and help make your event and space say what you mean and get noticed.

Long-term rates aren't really long-term, just 3 months, and available on original paintings as well as all prints and special orders. How you can rent original fine art at unbelievably low rates and after 3 months return it or swap it out for something new. Our rent to own rates on originals are even lower. Try it before you buy by renting. 50% of the rental fees paid can be applied against the purchase price. Fine turn your collection to perfection with the versatility of our rental programs.

Purchase prices for the originals, prints and merchandise available on the artwork are listed in the “add to cart” dropdowns on the artworks page. Rental rates posted are for a museum wrapped giclee reproduction on canvas, with solid black sides, in the size of the original artwork. The ST minimum weekly rate and LT 4-wks rates are for renting the reproduction. LT Rent-to-own rates on originals are 1/10th the purchase price.

Short-term and Long-term rentals can be converted into purchase or rent-to-own at anytime. 50% of rental fees paid can be applied on up to 80% of purchase price at renter’s request. Purchase credits are not transferable between artworks. Conversions are not automatic or reversible after the fact. Although, we make every effort to notify renters if they have reached the 80% ceiling on purchase credits and other issues, you are responsible for notifying us of any term changes you desire.

Paintings are photographed and condition noted with customer on renting. Customer is responsible for all losses, damages and liabilities on the artwork or other personal, private, or public property while out on rent (including transporting and hanging). Appropriate proof of insurance is required on all original and enhanced giclees, and recommended for all collectors.

A security deposit is required on all art rentals. Security deposits are higher the shorter the term. This is because the wear and tear damages, losses, costs, and risks are higher on frequently handled or turned art. Security deposits on LT or RTO rentals are approximately 30% of purchase cost, and abt 50% on ST rentals. Special orders (size and configurations not in stock) can require 3-5 weeks lead time. A 50% cancellation charge applies on all special orders due to these items being ordered on your behalf. A full deposit refund is issued on cancellation of in stock items prior to delivery or shipping. Early cancellation fees apply to LT and RTO contracts cancelled during the required term of 3 mos.

MEA Fine Art also accepts credit cards and PayPal financing is available on qualified purchases. Free shipping within continential US.