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2206 E 23rd Street; Lawrence, KS 66046

Anderson Rentals, Inc. has its roots in a used furniture store, Anderson Furniture, founded in February 1946 by Raymond "Andy" Anderson and his wife and partner, Hazel K. Anderson. A pioneer in the rental industry, and original member of the American Rental Association, Anderson Rentals has offered and ever expanding line of equipment, tools, and supplies in the original "green" industry.

With over 70 years in the Lawrence community, Anderson Rentals provides a level of experience and customer service to help any customer with their equipment needs.

A staff of dedicated, friendly, and knowledgeable individuals is here to make sure that every customer walks out confident about their job. Our equipment lines are the same as the pros use. Our reputation is fair and reliable, and we have never had hidden fees.

So stop by for a cup of coffee and a warm reception from our canine workers and leave knowing that we're here to help you in any way we can to fulfill all of your project and event needs.

MEA Fine Art opened in 2013, in honor of Raymond "Andy" Anderson devotion to the arts and artists. Headed by Andy's daughter Mary Ellen Anderson, MEA Fine Art is a collaboration of master fine artists dedicated to promoting the appreciation of fine art as an alternative to decorative and commercial art. To make available to the public, art that would otherwise only be seen in museums and fine art galleries. Although we are a tradition gallery in that we carry the originals of master artists, we are also an artists service for our customers. We offer commissions, designer services, and much more.

Each of us has different art needs. We have an ever expanding choices of wallpapers, tiles, home accessories, fabrics, furnishings, etc. designed from our artist's works by the artists themselves. See what MEA Fine Art can do for your distinctive style. Now you don't have to be limited to unoriginal and mass produced decorator art. Need a particular theme? We categorized our artist's works under common themes; see for yourself the noticeable difference between art done for sale and art done for the art. Need commissioned work done (i.e. estate, pet portraiture, corporate) then MEA Fine Art will match you up with available artists per your needs. Decorating a home, yard or business? Coming soon in conjunction with our parent company Anderson Rentals we will be offering art to rent for waiting rooms, stagers, relators, and others. See us for all your art needs.

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