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A word about renting vs. purchasing equipment

Renting is about completing projects. Purchasing equipment is just that; often buying things for your next garage sale.

Rental rates are not an alternative to purchasing equipment. When you rent you are purchasing all the other cost of equipment management.

  •  Assemble
  • Servicing and testing
  • Available; know where you put it and getting it where you want it.
  • Knowledgeable staff to show you your different options and advice on you how to get your project done.
  • Breakdown and repair services
  • Inventory control

Regardless of whether you purchase your own equipment and do these things yourself, these are inherent additional project costs and problems encountered are frequent. 

Our mission at Anderson Rentals is to give you the best options at completing your projects. This might well include purchasing equipment that you’re going to need long-term but whether you rent or purchase our equipment its project ready (not a new project).

Don't create a new project for yourself, just rent it or buy quality project-ready equipment. See how much more you can accomplish with Anderson Rentals.

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